Sentence Examples with the word But first

This i f the post-prophetic problem which occupies the more profound of the later Old-Testament books, but first received its true solution in the gospel, when the last shreds of the old nationalism disappeared and the spiritual kingdom found its centre in the person of Christ.

The canon provides that any clerk having a complaint against another clerk must not pass by his own bishop and turn to secular tribunals, but first lay b a re his cause before him, so that by the sentence of the bishop himself the dispute may be settled by arbitrators acceptable to both parties.

He located the spot where his fangs would connect, but first he would rock her world.

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I want to spend some time talking about civilization, but first I want to recount the progress that we have made through civilization.

Marshal Massena with 120,000, including the corps of Ney, Junot, Reynier and some of the Imperial Guard, was to operate from Salamanca against Portugal; but first Soult, appointed major-general of the army in Spain (equivalent to chief of the staff), was, with the corps of Victor, Mortier and Sebastiani (70,000), to reduce Andalusia.

Accepting unhesitatingly the leadership of Garrison, and becoming like him gradually a disunionist, he lived essentially a platform life, interested in a variety of subjects, but first and chiefly an abolitionist.

Hamburg has comparatively few secular buildings of great architectural interest, but first among them is the new Rathaus, a huge German Renaissance building, constructed of sandstone in 1886-1897, richly adorned with sculptures and with a spire 33 o ft.

This bird, apparently mentioned by Marcgrave more than 200 years ago, but first described by Pallas, is remarkable for the structure - unique, if not possessed by its representative forms - of its furcula, where the head, instead of being .the thin plate found in all other Gallinae, is a hollow cup opening upwards, into which the trachea dips, and then emerges on its way to the lungs.

Schuster and others, but first fully developed with astonishing results including the experimental discovery of the free electron by J.

The envious billows sidelong swell to whelm my track; let them; but first I pass.