Sentence Examples with the word Businesses

Well, businesses are very efficient and, over the long term, will choose a location less able to compel them to internalize negative externalities (or, more rarely, overly compensate them for positive externalities, as in cities offering tax breaks to businesses.)Therefore, rational-acting businesses will likely locate in areas that allow them to inflict negative externalities without requiring compensation.

When businesses and people are made to consider the overall effects of their choices as opposed to only their individual effects, efficient outcomes occur.

The taxing system of Iowa embraces a general property tax, corporation taxes (imposed on the franchises or on either the capital stock or the stock in the hands of shareholders), taxes on certain businesses and a collateral inheritance tax.

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Everything you needed was right here, shops and businesses of every description.

The only businesses I remember are the feed store and a dress shop named McGuire's Clothing.

Dean chatted with a number of the merchants of the few still-open businesses he passed.

There were lots of businesses and folks came out of the hollows from miles around to shop.

One taxes businesses on their pollution, requires they provide medical insurance to employees, requires a safe work environment, mandates a minimum wage, and so forth.

This is not to say that businesses are so materialistic they will favor a war to get a government contract.

If a million people lose their jobs to a machine, then entrepreneurs start businesses that hire those people to do other things.