Sentence Examples with the word Busied

He chose reporters, looked to the settingup of a printing-office, busied himself in all ways to Murray's great satisfaction, and, as fully appears from Dr Smiles's account of the matter, with extraordinary address.

It is a prosperous little industrial town in the Ausser Rhoden half of the canton, especially busied with the manufacture of embroidery by machinery, and of muslins.

With his single aim in view he busied himself with the creation of a national militia, with the aid of Moltke and other German officers.

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Two years were occupied in the capture of these strongholds, while Lucullus busied himself with a general reform of the administration of the province of Asia.

Jackson busied himself as best he could during the week.

Meanwhile in the north, the Turks, alarmed at the rapid spread of pro-British and nationalist expression, busied themselves with propaganda which bore fruit to some extent on the northern borders of the Mosul vilayet, which was occupied by British troops in Nov.

Currie was joined, however, by two' other men and they busied themselves in growing vegetables, wheat and oats, and in breeding pigs.

He landed at Macao in 1610, and while waiting a favourable opportunity to penetrate into China busied himself for three years in teaching mathematics.

Diplomacy busied itself with fruitless attempts to avert hostilities; on the 17th of April 1897 war was declared by Turkey.

When they returned, they busied themselves cleaning up from the party.