Sentence Examples with the word Bushy

The single species, which is a native of western and southern Australia, is about the size of an English squirrel, to which its long bushy tail gives it some resemblance; but it lives entirely on the ground, especially in sterile sandy districts, feeding on ants.

A long and bushy tail, for instance, is a useful balancer and is a not uncommon feature in mammals which lead an active arboreal life.

The violet-coloured face, which has no beard, is fringed by large bushy whiskers and surmounted by a white band above the brows.

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Dark bushy brows drew together over flashing blue eyes.

Beneath the trees grew some kind of lush, wet, bushy vegetation with silver-lit leaves and stems here and there.

Glis) of Europe, with a doubly vaned, bushy tail, simple stomach, and large molars with well-marked enamel-folds; the second, Muscardinus, with M.

REEDBUCK (Dutch rietbok), the popular name of a foxy red South African antelope (Cervicapra arundineum) of medium size, with a moderately long bushy tail, a bare gland-patch behind the ear, and in the male rather short horns which bend forwards in a regular curve.

The Poinsettia puicherrima is a bushy tree with leaves of brilliant red.

It scampered to the edge of the limb and looked down at her, its bushy tail jerking up and down as it scolded her.

He was cast in the coarsest mould; a stout but sluggish body, yet gracefully carried, with a thick sunburnt neck, dark bushy hair, and dull sleepy blue eyes, which were occasionally lit up with expression.