Sentence Examples with the word Bushman

Africa (1898); Bushman Paintings, copied by M.

The Bushman who saw the Wind meant to throw a stone at it, but it ran into a hill.

From the town are well-preserved Bushman paintings.

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As an example we may take the instance of Qing, the Bushman hunter.

Bleek, A Brief Account of Bushman Folk-lore and other Texts (1875); D.

This serpent was a universal devourer of everything and everybody, like Kwai Hemm, the all-devourer in Bushman mythology.

The rebellion was accompanied by an assertion of rights on the part of the burghers or freemen, which contained the following clause, the spirit of which animated many of the Trek Boers: That every Bushman or Hottentot, male or female, whether made prisoner by commanders or caught by individuals, as well in time past as in future, shall for life be the lawful property of such burghers as may possess them, and serve in bondage from generation to generation.

Here we see the religious view of Cagn, the Bushman god.

The origin of the Bushman is lost in obscurity, but he may be conceived as the original inhabitant of the southern portion of the continent.

Kai, a respectable Bushman once saw the personal wind at Haarfontein.