Sentence Examples with the word Bursting

The great event they dwell on is the bursting of the dam of Ma'rib, which led to the emigration northwards of the Yemenite tribes.

The bursting of several of these altered cells is the method by which the skin vesicles are formed in certain conditions.

Examination of one case, however, namely, the bursting in 1895 of the Bouzey dam, near Epinal, in France, by which many lives were lost, has brought out several points of great interest.

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The fruit is a capsule bursting loculicidally, i.e.

The spring when the delicately transparent green leaves are bursting from the protection of the pink and white stipules, which have formed the bud-scales, and retains its fresh green during early summer.

And bursting into tears she hid her face in her handkerchief and rushed from the room.

While the town was bursting at its seams for tomorrow's holiday, the side street where the Deans' inn was located was peacefully quiet.

The escape of the insect takes place on the spontaneous bursting of the walls of the vesicle, probably when, after viviparous (thelytokous) reproduction for several generations, male winged insects are developed.

The excitement following on the bursting of the South Sea Bubble (q.v.), and the death or ruin of the leading ministers, brought Sir Robert Walpole to the front (1721).

It was while conducting the siege of Roxburgh Castle that James was killed, through the bursting of a cannon, on the 3rd of August 1460.