Sentence Examples with the word Burner

The laboratory form in common use consists of a bellows worked by either hand or foot, and a special type of gas burner formed of two concentric tubes, one conveying the blast, the other the gas; the supply of air and gas being regulated by stopcocks.

The flame rises up from the burner in a long thin column, but when an appropriate note is sounded it suddenly drops down and thickens.

A burner was constructed which gave a sheet of flame 75 o mm.

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The Hereshoff burner has been most widely introduced, both in America and in European countries.

I made my way back to the kitchen and turned on the gas stove burner for enough light to rummage through drawers until I located a box of wooden matches.

If a short length of platinum wire be inserted vertically into a lighted Bunsen burner the luminous line may be used as a slit and viewed directly through a prism.

Light from an arc lamp was so directed that only that part reached the spectroscope which fell upon the flame of the burner at grazing incidence, and was thereby refracted.

This is accounted for by the fact that it is impossible to construct a burner which will do justice to a gas of such illuminating power.

Alex replaced the pot on the burner and resumed his place at the table.

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