Sentence Examples with the word Buren

Jackson now determined to make Van Buren president in 1836, and bent all his energies to that end.

Van Buren married in 1807 Hannah Hoes (1782-1819), by whom he had four sons.

Van Buren was the most adroit politician of his time; and Jackson was in the hands of very astute men, who advised and controlled him.

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Van Buren made the acquaintance of Burr, but did not fall under his influence.

Though his favourite leaders became Whigs, Johnson remained a Democrat, and in 1840 canvassed the state for Van Buren for president.

On the expiration of his term Van Buren retired to his estate at Kinderhook, but he did not withdraw from politics or cease to be a figure of national importance.

In the election Van Buren received 170 electoral votes against 73 for William Henry Harrison, his principal opponent; but the popular vote showed a plurality of less than 25,000 in a total vote of about 1,500,000.

In politics Field was originally an anti-slavery Democrat, and he supported Van Buren in the Free Soil campaign of 1848.

After the breach between Jackson and Calhoun, Van Buren was clearly the most prominent candidate for the vice-presidency.

He was again returned to the Senate in 1813, and was re-elected in 1819 as the result of a struggle between the Van Buren and Clinton factions of the Democratic - Republican party.