Sentence Examples with the word Bunker Hill

Quincy granite, a hornblende, pyroxene, bluish or greyish, without mica, was used for the construction of the Bunker Hill monument at Charlestown (in 1826), and of King's Chapel, Boston; and for interior decorations it has found some use, for example in the Philadelphia city buildings.

His oration in 1825 at the laying of the corner stone of the Bunker Hill monument contained perhaps the clearest statement to be found anywhere of the principles underlying the American War of Independence.

In June 1843, on the occasion of the completion of the Bunker Hill monument, Webster delivered another classic oration.

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The battle of Bunker Hill had already taken place, news of it reaching him on the way north.

The famous Bunker Hill and Sullivan mines were wrecked, late in April, by union men.

In 1875 he attended the Bunker Hill centenary at Boston, Mass., and delivered a remarkable address.

An attempt of the provincials to seize and hold a commanding hill in Charlestown brought on the battle of Bunker Hill (June 1 7, 1775), in which the provincials were driven from the ground, although they lost much less heavily than the royal troops.