Sentence Examples with the word Bumped

Both jumped to their feet and started around the cluster of boulders where Joseph had parked only to see the tail of Joseph Dawkins' Jeep as it bumped across the blanketing wave of wild flowers.

Cleary had bumped into him only twice, maybe three times but he had no recollection of the dates.

The sub bumped against a dock, and the door opened to reveal the man he assumed was Jim, dressed in his workout clothing with mussed hair.

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Dean bumped into Joseph Dawkins, who was coming in from the patio, a beer in each hand.

The submarine bumped against the dock on the other side of the river, and the soldier turned it off.

Fascinated by the cool, smooth texture of its shell, she bumped into the counter.

They both reached for a glass at the same time and bumped into each other.

Unnerved by the strange man, Deidre backed away until she bumped into the wall.

Cynthia, trailing a few steps behind, bumped into him as they stopped and stared at the gaping opening.

The three boats, in the first fury of the whale's headlong rush, bumped the German's aside with such force, that both Derick and his baffled harpooneer were spilled out, and sailed over by the three flying keels.