Sentence Examples with the word Bulletins

Favaro, Bulletins di bibliographia e di storia delle scienze mathematische e fisiche, t.

Elliott Smith, A Contribution to the Study of Mummification in Egypt (Cairo, 1906); The Archaeological Survey of Nubia Bulletins (Cairo, 1908 seq.); Dr Lortet and M.

Loveland in the Morton history and agricultural and horticultural reports; Annual Reports of the State Board of Agriculture and State Horticultural Society; Publications of the State Bureau of Statistics and Labor; and Bulletins 52 (1904) and 66 (1905) of the United States Bureau of Forestry.

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For geology and mineral resources consult the Reports of the New York State Geologist and the Bulletins of the New York State Museum.

X., Jefferson City, 1896); publications of the State Bureau of Geology and Mines, including bulletins and reports of the Missouri Geological Survey (1853 seq.; new series, 15 vols., 1891-1904); publications of United States Geological Survey, particularly Bulletins 132, 213, 267, the 22nd Annual Report, part ii.

See Francisque Michel, Histoire des races maudites de France et d'Espagne (Paris, 1846); Abbe Venuti, Recherches sur les Cahets de Bordeaux (1754); Bulletins de la societe anthropologique (1861, 1867, 1868, 1871); Annales medico-psychologiques (Jan.

On fauna and flora: United States Biological Survey, Bulletins (especially No.

See the bulletins (1896 sqq.) of the Nantucket Historical Society, established in 1894; F.

Information regarding the resources, climate, population and industries of Alabama may be found in the reports of the United States Census, and in the publications of the United States Department of Agriculture, the United States Geological Survey, the Bulletins of the Alabama Agricultural Experiment Station (published at Auburn, from 1888), the Bulletins and Reports of the Alabama Geological Survey (published at Tuscaloosa and Montgomery), and in the following works: - B.

Detailed reports of the condition of the country for the first months of the occupation are contained in the Bulletins de la correspondance de l'Interieur, copies of which are preserved in the Foreign Office records (F.O.