Sentence Examples with the word Bullet

On the lath of December, when the Swedish approaches had come within 280 paces of the fortress of Fredriksten, which the Swedes were closely besieging, Charles looked over the parapet of the foremost trench, and was shot through the head by a bullet from the fortress.

To listen to her talk, you'd think he was six feet tall and bullet proof.

The bullet was not extracted from Baird's wound until his release.

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He was shot dead by a musket bullet in the retreat.

I gotta bite the bullet and go see Miss Worthington, with my hat in hand, and explain how I misplaced that picture she kindly lent me.

A bullet through my brain is the only thing left me--not singing! his thoughts ran on.

A bullet had pierced his skull.

Pissed that his morning hadn't gone as planned, he strode forward and put another bullet in the heads of each of the vamps to ensure they weren't returned to life by their brethren.

The bullet of your thought must have overcome its lateral and ricochet motion and fallen into its last and steady course before it reaches the ear of the hearer, else it may plow out again through the side of his head.

The vamp's head exploded with the first shot of his hand cannon, the bullet missing Bianca by a couple inches.