Sentence Examples with the word Budgets

As a matter of fact, the marine budgets of the two years are almost identical.

In the budgets for 1905 and 1906 considerable economies were effected by the curtailment of salaries, the abolition of various posts, and the reduction of the estimates for education and public works.

Apart from our travel budgets, we have no budgets of our own to fulfill the mandates we were elected on.

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The town is frequently referred to as a model residential suburb; its budgets are very large, its schools are excellent, and, among other things, it has established a township gymnasium.

The principal feature of the successive Egyptian budgets of 1890-1894 was the fiscal relief afforded to the population.

The budgets of 1919 and 1920 disclosed deficits of 5 billion and 3 billion kronen respectively, but in that for 1921 the revenue slightly exceeded the expenditure.

Not only were the budgets not published, but no figures whatever were allowed to transpire in regard to the true position of the Turkish treasury - which laid the accuracy of even the limited number of budgets published open to suspicion.

The budgets of the four islands in 1904 came to some X30,000, that of Mayotte being about half the total.

A proposal to introduce biennial budgets was for this reason regarded with great suspicion by the Opposition as a reactionary measure, and rejected.

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