Sentence Examples with the word Buddy

We know you and your good buddy Jake Weller played it fast and loose last summer when that guy Glick got killed.

Your buddy is being a little coy but he's hung around the wrong people long enough to pick up some information.

They were hunting down your buddy Vinnie.

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His buddy grabbed her and wrapped one arm around her neck, the cold blade of a knife biting her throat.

That's possible but I can't wait to hear what your buddy Howie has to say about it.

Once, long ago, her father had entertained a friend from the mountains - an old army buddy from northern Arizona.

By the way, I'll tell your good buddy Vinnie Baratto I saw you and you gave him your love.

I guess you carry that gun 'cause it's such a piss-poor neighborhood where our old buddy Vinnie lives.

I saw your buddy Billie Wassermann Friday night, Dean said.

We picked him up a few days after the Colombians did in his buddy Flanders, only we didn't let the world know about it.