Sentence Examples with the word Buddhism

And Japan themselves may be said to fall within this sphere, in view of the part which Buddhism has played in their development.

While the pure-blooded Malays of the Peninsula are Mahommedans, the Siamese and Lao profess a form of Buddhism which is tinged by Cingalese and Burmese influences, and, especially in the more remote country districts, by the spirit-worship which is characteristic of the imaginative and timid Ka and other hill peoples of Indo-China.

Mexicans and Peruvians, Arcadians, Chinese, Egyptians,: Hindus, Persians, Germans, Romans, with the Greek religion in the highest rank; (3) Religions of Redemption (Judaism forming the transition from the second group), Buddhism in the sense of world negation, and, positively, Christianity.

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King Srong Tsan Gampo's zeal for Buddhism was shared and supported by his two queens, Bribsun, a princess from Nepal, and Wen Ching, a princess from China.

Puri district is rich in historical remains, from the primitive rock-hewn caves of Buddhism - the earliest relics of Indian architecture - to the medieval sun temple at Kanarak and the shrine of Jagannath.

During twenty-four centuries Buddhism has encountered and outlived a series of powerful rivals.

It is an ancient town, mentioned by Fa Hien as a centre of Buddhism about A.D.

But the downfall of Buddhism 'De cline seems to have resulted from natural decay, and from h ismdd- new movements of religious thought, rather than from any general suppression by the sword.

So important is this position in Buddhism that it is put in the forefront of Buddhist expositions of Buddhism.

The revival of Buddhism began with the two sons of the last-named, the elder of whom became a monk.