Sentence Examples with the word Buck

There were two heads on the bed this day: that of a buck and one of a bear.

But the horse did not buck him off.

Laymen also belonged to it, like Hermann of Fritzlar and Rulman Merswin, the rich banker of Strassburg (author of a mystical work, Buck der neon Felsen, on the nine rocks or upwards steps of contemplation).

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If I had a buck for every flat I fixed, I could pun intended.

BLACK BUCK (Antelope cervicapra), the Indian Antelope, the sole species of its genus.

And that is the reason why a young buck with an intelligent looking calf's head before him, is somehow one of the saddest sights you can see.

The so-called Spectre Huntsman of the Malay Peninsula is said to be a man who scours the firmament with his dogs, vainly seeking for what he could not find on earth - a buck mouse-deer pregnant with male offspring; but he seems to be a living man; there is no statement that he ever died, nor yet that he is a spirit.

Probably a five buck parking ticket he didn't pay fifty years ago and he thinks they're still trying to hunt him down.

Just as suddenly, the earth began to buck hard enough that trees creaked and smashed into the ground.

Then she added, Every volunteer fire buck and EMT has a noise on his wheels.