Sentence Examples with the word Buchanan

Persuaded many eminent foreign teachers - among them the Scottish humanist George Buchanan and the French mathematician Elie Vinet - to lecture in its schools.

This bill passed both houses, but was vetoed in February 1859 by President Buchanan on the ground that it would cause friction between the states, that it would be uneconomical, that it might encourage fraudulent speculation, that it would injure existing institutions, and that it was unconstitutional.

The main work continued to be done in Latin, and to better purpose by Hector Boece (q.v.), John Major and George Buchanan (q.v.) than by the earlier annalists Fordun (q.v.) and Bower (q.v.).

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Marcy, who had ordered American ministers to wear a plain civilian costume), and by joining with James Buchanan and Pierre Soule, ministers to Great Britain and Spain respectively, in drawing up (Oct.

FLOYD, JOHN BUCHANAN (1807-1863), American politician, was born at Blacksburg, Virginia, on the 1st of June 1807.

His high moral character, the breadth of his legal knowledge, and his experience as congressman, cabinet member and diplomat, would have made Buchanan an excellent president in ordinary times; but he lacked the soundness of judgment, the self-reliance and the moral courage needed to face a crisis.

Dr Buchanan White, who made a special study of the British willows, grouped them under 17 species with numerous varieties and hybrids.

He was put in command of its naval forces when Franklin Buchanan resigned after he was wounded in the action with the Federal squadron in Hampton Roads.

In the ensuing election he was defeated by James Buchanan by 174 to 114 electoral votes.

All through this dialogue too, as in another at Lochleven two years afterwards, Knox was driven to axioms, not of religion but of constitutionalism, which Buchanan and he may have learned from their teacher Major, but which were not to be accepted till a later age.