Sentence Examples with the word Buch

Von Buch laid stress on geographical isolation as the cause of production of varieties, the different conditions of the environment and the segregated interbreeding gradually producing local races.

In May 1364 he won an important victory over the Navarrese at Cocherel, and took the famous Captal de Buch prisoner.

Ii., in Century Bible (1906); Duhm, Das Buch Habakkuk (Text, Ubersetzung and Erklarung), 1906 (regards the book as a unity belonging to the time of Alexander the Great), Max L.

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Of higher literary value is the didactic and satirical Buch von der Tugend und Weisheit (1550), a collection of forty-nine fables in which Alberus embodies his views on the relations of Church and State.

Kindler, Das goldene Buch von Strassburg (Vienna, 1885-1886); H.

Dillon, Sceptics of Old Test., 1895); Schiffer, Das Buch Koh.

The best editions of the book are Kneucker's Das Buch Baruch (1879); Gifford's in the Speaker's A poc. ii.

Fischer, Geschichte der Stadt Ulm (Stuttgart, 1863); Pressel, Ulmisches Urkundenbuch (Stuttgart, 1873) and Ulm and sein Munster (Ulm, 1877); Schultes, Chronik von Ulm (Stuttgart, 1881 and 1886); Hassler, Ulms Kunstgeschichte im Mittelalter (Stuttgart, 1872); and Das rote Buch der Stadt Ulm, edited by C. Mollvo (1904).

Ever since the researches of Leopold von Buch the Canary Islands have been classical ground to the student of volcanic action.

Wiedemann, Herodots zweites Buch mit sachlichen Bemerkungen (Leipzig, 1890; the best and fullest commentary on book ii.).