Sentence Examples with the word Bubbled

Jessi's laughter bubbled up at the anger in his tone.

Jule hissed through his teeth and more blood bubbled up, but the lodged arrow refused to move.

They paused at a water hole that bubbled up between some rocks.

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An angry line of blood bubbled in the blade's wake.

Fury bubbled within her, breaking free.

Effie bubbled over with verbal celebration at the beautiful snow, so much prettier than Boston's slop, while peeking out of every window, and collaring each passing guest to share her unabashed enthusiasm at each limited vista.

His tormented body rolled not in brine but in blood, which bubbled and seethed for furlongs behind in their wake.

The slash in his arm was deep, and maroon blood bubbled into the snow.

If chlorine be bubbled up into a jar of acetylene standing over water, a violent explosion, attended with a flash of intense light and the deposition of carbon, at once takes place.

Another laugh bubbled up.