Sentence Examples with the word Bu

Here Mount Sidi Ali bu Musin reaches a height of 5700 ft., the highest point in Tunisia.

The greatest altitudes of the whole of Tunisia are attained on this central table-land, where Mt Sidi Ali bu Musin ascends to about 5700 ft.

The forts and part of the ramparts were demolished at the beginning of the 10th century, when a line of forts occupying the heights of Bu Zarea (at an elevation of 1300 ft.

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Sidi Bu Medin (more properly El Eubbad) is a little over a mile south-east of Tlemcen.

More noteworthy, however, are the ruins of Sidi Bu Medin and of Mansura.

This affair resulted in an important bu litical change, for the Piedmontese deputies, hitherto the th Llwarks of moderate conservatism, now shifted to the Left or 3rf nstitutional opposition.

Sailing thence to Sur near Ras el Had, he travelled southward through the country of the Bani bu Ali to the borders of the desert, then turning north-west up the Wadi Betha through a fertile, wellwatered country, running up to the southern slopes of J.

To the south-west, near the village of Bu Shater, are identified with the ancient Utica.

At one time the Bu Ragrag afforded a much better harbour than it does now; the roadstead is quite unprotected, and there is a dangerous bar at the mouth of the river, which hampers the shipping, and makes the growth of trade slow.

Of Cape Spartel, on the southern side and at the mouth of the Bu Ragrag, which separates it from Salli on the northern bank.