Sentence Examples with the word Brutus

In 42 B.C. Brutus and Cassius declared him a traitor, invaded his territory and put him to death.

The region properly called by their name, bounded on the south by the Douro and on the east by the Navia, was first entered by the Roman legions under Decius Junius Brutus in 137-136 B.C. (Livy lv., lvi., Epit.); but the final subjugation cannot be placed earlier than the time of Augustus (31 B.C. - A.D.

Junius Brutus for truckling to Octavian while showing irreconcilable enmity to Antony and Lepidus (ad Brut.

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The national history, however, furnished the theme of the Brutus and Decius, - the expulsion of the Tarquins and the self-sacrifice of Publius Decius Mus the younger.

At the barn, Carmen fed and watered Brutus and threw some hay to the cow.

Behind her, claws clicked on the concrete as Brutus followed.

On the other side of the creek, Brutus plodded his way over to a tree.

She opened the front door, which was still unlocked, and allowed Brutus to go in first.

They caught the man running through the buffalo pasture, with Brutus barking and nipping at his heels.

Assisted in the destruction of both, no doubt in obedience to a principle, like the act of Brutus in condemning his sons - a subject he painted with all his powers.