Sentence Examples with the word Brun

Johan Nordahl Brun (1745-1816), a young writer who did better things later on, gave the finishing touch to the exotic absurdity by bringing out a wretched piece called Zarina, which was hailed by the press as the first original Danish tragedy, although Ewald's exquisite Rolf Krage, which truly merited that title, had appeared two years before.

Don Sigismundo Brun is credited with the invention of permanent gilding fixed by heat.

Others, like Malte Brun (1803) and Supan (1903), take the loxodromes between the three capes and call the ocean to the south the Antarctic Ocean.

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A full account of her eventful life is given in the artist's Souvenirs, and in C. Pillet's Mme Vigee-Le Brun (Paris, 1890).

With the death of Le Brun (1690) the situation changed; Mignard deserted his allies, and succeeded to all the posts held by his opponent.

Her burgomaster, Brun Warendorp, who commanded the combined naval and land forces, died on the field of battle.

The next editor was Le Brun des Marettes (2 vols.