Sentence Examples with the word Bruises

She didn't even feel the bruises and scrapes covering her body, but she felt Darian's scorching fingers.

The explosions were coming faster, and he launched to his feet, ignoring the bruises and scrapes along his side.

She indicated the new bruises on her face and neck.

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Pity for the boy increased as Taran studied the bruises on the youth's arms and face.

The bruises on her body confirmed what she'd never say: she was barely making it through this assignment.

She pulled up her shirt to confirm the bruises were gone.

As she watched, the bruises and swelling faded.

She gasped and yanked away, but not before he saw the bruises on her upper arm.

Confusion and rage blinded him, and he threw himself into the battle, not noticing the nicks and bruises his opponents inflicted upon him.

Her forearm was still swollen, Jonny's fingers clearly outlined in black-purple bruises on her skin.