Sentence Examples with the word Bruised

The leaders of his armies, his harem with their bruised faces and arms, and his guards stared at her with increasing intensity.

General Mack has arrived, quite well, only a little bruised just here, he added, pointing with a beaming smile to his head.

Her body was beginning to ache more, from her battered hands to her bruised cheek from when she'd fallen after fainting the night before.

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If it is used in piles or structures where it is likely to be bruised the proportion of cement should be increased.

It was found, naturally, that the rails would not rest in their chairs at the joints, but were loosened and bruised at the ends by the blows of the traffic. The fish-joint was therefore devised in 1847 by W.

On the 15th of June 1.566 the unfortunate youth, bruised and bleeding from shocking ill-treatment, was placed upon a wretched hack, with a crown of straw on his head, and led in derision through the streets of Stockholm.

His bruised body shook, his frantic thoughts fed by his reeling senses.

Karay, his hair bristling, and probably bruised or wounded, climbed with difficulty out of the gully.

I don't believe Jerome beat her when she showed up Sunday morning all bruised and cut.

She was bruised all over and wondered if her ribs were broken as well.