Sentence Examples with the word Bruise

This is termed a bruise or ecchymosis.

Any clean cut, fracture or bruise which injures the cambium over a limited area is met with the same response.

She had a scab on her forehead over her left eye and a bruise on her cheek.

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He pushed Brady's cheek to see the black-purple bruise ringing his throat from where one of the animals outside the walls had tried to rope and hang him.

He pushed it up farther, thumb moving gently over the bruise forming from where Jonny grabbed her.

Even so, it left a large bruise and sore ribs for a few weeks.

Dean noticed a darkening bruise on her left cheek.

The force thus produced by the introduction of a drop of water between two plates is enormous, and is often sufficient to press certain parts of the plates together so powerfully as to bruise them or break them.

He crossed to her and touched her side, where a long bruise wrapped around her hip.

Kiera looked at her arm, where a bruise was already forming from Kisolm's grip.