Sentence Examples with the word Brother

Suetonius (Augustus, 66) attributes the loss of the imperial favour to Maecenas having indiscreetly revealed to Terentia, his wife, the discovery of the conspiracy in which her brother Murena was implicated.

The true heir, Demetrius, son of Seleucus, being now retained in Rome as a hostage, the kingdom was seized by the younger brother of Seleucus, Antiochus Iv.

There Heracleon, the court favourite and murderer of Antiochus Grypus, was born and made himself a principality (96 B.C.); and there the son of the latter king besieged his brother Philip in the last struggle for the heritage of Seleucus.

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In 1617 the sultan died, and was succeeded by his brother Mustafa; but the latter being declared incompetent to reign, his brother Osman took his place on the throne.

He was born at Chemmis (Panopolis) in Egypt, but having been driven out byhis brother he fled with his fifty daughters to Argos, the home of his ancestress Io.

TWISS, HORACE (1787-1849), English writer and politician, was born at Bath, being the son of Francis Twiss (1760-1827), a Shakespearian scholar who married Mrs Siddons's sister, Fanny Kemble, and whose brother Richard (1747-1821) made a name as a writer of travels.

Your brother will never be what he was, but he will rise again as the Grey God.

A Spanish translation by his brother Carlos appeared at Madrid between 1784 and 1806, and an abridgment in French (1838-1846) was compiled by the Jesuit Alexis Nerbonne.

He was first aroused to serious thought in 1785 by a funeral sermon preached over his elder brother by Adam Clarke.

William Little of Craigmillar, and his brother Clement Little, advocate, along with James Lawson, the colleague and successor of John Knox, may justly be regarded as true founders.