Sentence Examples with the word Brooks

The whole White Mountain region abounds in deep narrow valleys, romantic glens, ravines, flumes, waterfalls, brooks and lakes.

The red tide now poured from all sides of the monster like brooks down a hill.

The entire text of the London MS. was published by Land in the third volume of his Anecdota syriaca; and there is now an English translation by Hamilton and Brooks (London, 1899), and a German one by Ahrens and Kruger (Leipzig, 1899).

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Phillips Brooks was a tall, well-proportioned man of fine physique, his height being six feet four inches.

After Baxter had been a year in office Brooks received a judgment of ouster against him from a state circuit judge, and got possession of the public buildings (April 1874).

Here Phillips Brooks preached Sunday after Sunday to great congregations, until he was consecrated bishop of Massachusetts in 1891.

Dunkirk is attractively situated high above the lake, and has several parks, including Point Gratiot and Washington; in the city are the Dunkirk free library, the Brooks Memorial hospital (1891), and St Mary's academy.

For the successful negotiation of brooks a bold horse is required, ridden by a bold man.

Most clays are waterborne, having been carried from the surface of the land by rain and transported by the brooks and rivers into lakes or the sea.

At Helen's request Bishop Brooks made an address.