Sentence Examples with the word Brook

But I am a patient man and the sun is shining, the brook that fronts my home on wheels is singing.

The same idea had, however, occurred to Ladmirault, and he had called on the two nearest French cavalry divisions to put it into execution, and as the Prussians began to reach the plateau west of Mars-la-Tour and the Yron brook from the south, the French were deploying across it some two thousand yards to the north.

Such an idol as that found in the secret groves of Queen Maachah in Judea; and for worshipping which, King Asa, her son, did depose her, and destroyed the idol, and burnt it for an abomination at the brook Kedron, as darkly set forth in the 15th chapter of the First Book of Kings.

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Other institutions include the Woolwich polytechnic and the Brook fever hospital, Shooter's Hill.

She realized that a child's mind is like a shallow brook which ripples and dances merrily over the stony course of its education and reflects here a flower, there a bush, yonder a fleecy cloud; and she attempted to guide my mind on its way, knowing that like a brook it should be fed by mountain streams and hidden springs, until it broadened out into a deep river, capable of reflecting in its placid surface, billowy hills, the luminous shadows of trees and the blue heavens, as well as the sweet face of a little flower.

The doctrine which in others seemed to produce all sorts of extravagances - communistic experiments at Brook Farm and Fruitlands, weird schemes of political reform, long hair on men and short hair on women - in his sane, wellbalanced nature served only to lend an ideal charm to the familiar outline of a plain, orderly New England life.

Here he drank of the brook and was fed by ravens, who night and morning brought him bread and flesh.

The most interesting of all the experiments, not alone from its own history, but also from the fact that it attracted the support of many of the most intellectual and cultured Americans was that of Brook Farm.

It was not in the mood of Japanes officialdom at that time to brook such assaults.

To Washington, Military and Lincoln parks, the older ones near the heart of the city, there have been added Branch Brook (277 acres), Weequahic (265.8 acres), West Side (23 acres), and East Side (12.5 acres) parks.