Sentence Examples with the word Brod

In 1422 Sigismund again invaded Bohemia, but was decisively defeated by Lizka at Nemecky Brod (Deutschbrod).

He took possession of the town of Kutna Hora (Kuttenberg), but was decisively defeated by Zizka at Nemecky Brod (Deutschbrod) on the 6th of January 1422.

The marshes which line the Save below Sissek are often impassable except at Brod and Mitrovica, and the river is constantly scooping out fresh channels in the soft soil, only to abandon each in turn.

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The principal towns are Agram, the capital, with 61,002 inhabitants in 190o; Esseg, the capital of Slavonia (2 4,93 0); Semlin (15,079); Mitrovica (11,518); Warasdin (12,930); Karlstadt (7396); Brod (7310); Sissek (7047); Djakovo (6824); Karlowitz (5643); Peterwardein (5019); Zengg (3182); and Buccari (1870).