Sentence Examples with the word Brock

Of the Brock is Doon Hill (650 ft.), which overlooks the lower course of the stream and indeed the whole field.

SIR ISAAC BROCK (1769-1812), British soldier and administrator, was born at St Peter Port, Guernsey, on the 6th of October 1769.

Provision was made in the design, by Sir Aston Webb, for the extension of the Mall to open upon Trafalgar Square, through gateways in a semicircular range of buildings to be occupied by government offices, and for a wide circular space in front of the Palace, with a statue of the Queen by Thomas Brock in its centre.

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In July, before the Americans were ready, Brock seized Mackinac at the head of Lake Huron; and on the 16th of August Detroit in the channel between Huron and Erie was surrendered.

His 'Life and Correspondence by his nephew, Ferdinand Brock Tupper (2nd edition, London, 1847), still remains the best; later lives are by D.

On the outbreak of the war of 1812 Brock had to defend Upper Canada against invasion by the United States.

General Brock drove him back and forced him to surrender at Detroit on the 16th of August.