Sentence Examples with the word Brit

In the Propontis, as far as I can learn, none of that peculiar substance called BRIT is to be found, the aliment of the right whale.

The current formed by the trochus is a gigantic vortex-ring, the down stroke of the cilia being directly outwards, brit the wave beats running round the organ in uniform succession in one direc tion.

A shorter route, brit more fitted for mule traffic, though Horace drove along part of it,2 ran by Aequum Tuticum, Aecae, Herdoniae, Canusium, Barium, and Gnatia (Strabo vi.

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But it was only the sound they made as they parted the brit which at all reminded one of mowers.

The edges of these bones are fringed with hairy fibres, through which the Right Whale strains the water, and in whose intricacies he retains the small fish, when openmouthed he goes through the seas of brit in feeding time.

But in 1813 Baden joined the coalition, and since then that nation created of odds and ends (de brit et de broc) and always handsomely treated by us, had not ceased to take a leading part in the struggles against our country.

From this time on, she took the lead; in Austrasia she engaged in a desperate struggle against the nobles, who wished to govern in the name of her son Childebert II.; brit she was worsted in the conflict and for some time had to seek refuge in Burgundy.