Sentence Examples with the word Bristling

Along the western side of northern Anti-Lebanon stretches the Khasha'a, a rough red region lined with juniper trees, a succession of the hardest limestone crests and ridges, bristling with bare rock and crag that shelter tufts of vegetation, and are divided by a succession of grassy ravines.

Willemoes Suhm, which makes up for its vanished eyes by its extraordinarily elongate and dentated claws; in Psalidopus huxleyi, Wood-Mason and Alcock (1892), bristling with spikes from head to tail; in the Nematocarcinidae, with their long thread-like limbs and longer antennae; in species of Aristaeopsis reported by Chun from deep water off the east coast of Africa, bright red prawns nearly a foot long, with antennae about five times the length of the body.

Numerous hideous human faces, with bristling beards and hair.

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A doctor emerged soon after, hesitating as his gaze swept over the room full of massive, bristling men, until Linda came forward.

The Black God was bristling with checked power that made her inch away from him.

He paused, bristling with lightning and rage at the thought of Darian betraying their family.

There, far from the village street, and except at very long intervals, from the jingle of sleigh-bells, I slid and skated, as in a vast moose-yard well trodden, overhung by oak woods and solemn pines bent down with snow or bristling with icicles.

Both were bristling with stormy energy that made her body tingle unpleasantly.

It left Europe bristling with feudal castles, and already alert for the march of progress.

He was still bristling with stormy energy.