Sentence Examples with the word Bring up

These charges constitute the home expenditure on revenue account, but there are also other remittances from India on capital account which bring up the total disbursements in England to an annual average of about 214 millions.

The first year of Leo's reign saw a memorable siege of his capital by the Saracens, who had taken advantage of the civil discord in the Roman empire to bring up a force of 80,000 men to the Bosporus.

This was no place to bring up the issue that time was slipping away from them.

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The king obstructed the river so that the enemy could not bring up their ships, and they therefore abandoned them.

They moved to the next table and Carmen concentrated on the clips, contemplating how to bring up the subject and finally deciding there was no best way, so she simply asked.

When Katie brought the twins over one hot August day, Carmen finally found the courage to bring up the subject.

By care and economy, however, aided by generous royal grants, she was enabled to pay off mortgages and to bring up the children in a way befitting their rank.

Often when I discuss this idea with people, they bring up an objection I have come to call The Spoiled Rich Kid Problem.

Or, it has been said that an adult immigrant represents what it would cost to bring up a child from infancy to the age, say, of 15.

The spirit of the nation was in them and they fought to kill, not for the honour of their arms. The emperor was not discouraged, but on the contrary renewed his efforts to bring up every available man.