Sentence Examples with the word Brigandage

Perry, The Second Synod of Ephesus (Dartford, 1881); l'Abbe Martin, Actes du brigandage d'Ephese (Amiens, 1874) and Le Pseudo-synode connu dans l'histoire sous le nom de brigandage d'Ephese (Paris, 1875).

As ally of the Bourbons of Naples, from whom he had received an annual subsidy, he attempted, after 1860, to facilitate their restoration by fomenting brigandage on the Neapolitan frontier.

The maritime side of this long-lived brigandage was conducted by the captains, or reises, who formed a class or even a corporation.

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The news caused the most widespread sensation, and public opinion in Italy was greatly agitated at what it regarded as an act of brigandage on the part of Austria, when Signor Tittoni in a speech at Carate Brianza (October 6th) declared that Italy might await events with serenity, and that these could find her neither unprepared nor isolated.

The war lasted from February to September 1517 and ended with the expulsion of the duke and the triumph of Lorenzo; but it revived the nefarious policy of Alexander VI., increased brigandage and anarchy in the States of the Church, hindered the preparations for a crusade and wrecked the papal finances.

His attempts to attack the English in Sicily ended disastrously, but he succeeded in crushing brigandage in Calabria by means of General Manhes, who, however, had to resort to methods of ferocity in order to do so.

His enemies, however, succeeded in ousting him from this post, and caused him to be entrusted with the apparently impossible task of settling the revolt and brigandage rampant in Rumelia.

The prestige thus acquired led to his appointment as prefect of Palermo, and while occupying that position he put down brigandage throughout the province; in 1868 he was prefect of Naples.

Insurrections broke out, and brigandage prevailed throughout the following year.

The administration lost all authority, the police were paralysed and brigandage became rife.