Sentence Examples with the word Brie

Two other poems are consecrated to his later exploits, La Bataille Loquifer, the work of a French Sicilian poet, Jendeu de Brie (fl.

Among the products are cotton fabrics and garments, beer, and Camembert and Brie cheeses.

Chateau-Thierry was formerly the capital of the district of Brie Pouilleuse, and received the title of duchy from Charles IX.

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The western portion was known as the Brie francaise, the eastern portion as the Brie champenoise.

Balue thereupon joined Guillaume de Harancourt, bishop of Verdun, in an intrigue to induce Charles of France to demand Champagne and Brie in accordance with the king's promise to Charles the Bold, instead of distant Guienne where the king was determined to place him.

The Brie forms a plateau with few eminences, varying in altitude between 300 and Soo ft.

The Brie is famous for its grain and its dairy products, especially cheeses.