Sentence Examples with the word Bridled

Bellerophon caught him as he drank of the spring Peirene on the Acrocorinthus at Corinth, or received him tamed and bridled at the hands of Athena (Pindar, 01.

He bridled Connaught by a castle at Athlone, and Munster by a garrison at Leighlin Bridge.

Finally they walked the saddled and bridled horses out of the barn, and mounted them.

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Germany and Spain might let themselves be bitted and bridled if they chose, but for centuries France had prided herself that, thanks to her Gallican liberties, she stood on a different footing towards Rome.

At the fountain of Dine in Argolis horses bitted and bridled were sacrificed to him by being drowned (Pausanias viii.

The sorts used for carriage aprons, coat linings and the outside of motor coats include: blue kangaroo, bush kangaroo, bridled kangaroo, wallaroo, yellow kangaroo, rock wallaby, swamp wallaby and short-tailed wallaby.

Before long, she was drenched and chilled, her skin crawling from the bridled charged energy of the storm.

Their horses, bridled and with high saddles, stood near them and there too the dogs were lying.

The horse is hardly known, and his place is taken by the ox, which is regularly bridled and saddled and ridden with all dignity.

On the 20th of July 1651 Lambert defeated the Royalists at Inverkeithing; Forth no longer bridled Cromwell; Leslie was sure to be outflanked, and, with Charles, he evaded Cromwell, marched into the heart of England (unaccompanied by Argyll), and was defeated and taken, while Charles made a marvellous escape at Worcester (3rd of September 1651).