Sentence Examples with the word Brewed

Beer is chiefly brewed in Poland and the Baltic provinces.

Beer is also brewed extensively.

In Europe, scientists pointed their gamma ray gun at some barley and produced Golden Promise, a mutant with improved malting that is brewed into premium beer.

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Its chief agricultural products were oats and barley, from which the inhabitants brewed a kind of beer named sabaea.

Beer was first brewed in Milwaukee in 1840.

Martha brewed coffee for us and hot chocolate for Howie.

A storm brewed on the horizon, visible through the window behind Death.

By the time he'd brewed them both a cup of Earl Grey tea and rejoined Cynthia at the kitchen table, she had finished yet another paragraph.

A strong beer, brewed from Kaffir corn, is a favourite drink.

The beer brewed here enjoys a high reputation.