Sentence Examples with the word Breton

NUMA DENIS FUSTEL DE COULANGES (1830-1889), French historian, was born in Paris on the 18th of March 1830, of Breton descent.

He was the eldest son of a noble Breton house.

But she still held the shores of the St Lawrence, and she retained, too, the island of Cape Breton to command its mouth.

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By espousing the cause of John of Montfort Edward obtained a good foothold on the flank of France, for many of the Breton fortresses were put into his hands.

Their descent is traced to a Breton immigrant, Alan the son of Flaald, which Flaald was a brother of Alan, steward (or seneschal) of Dol in Brittany.

In 1491 he was at Cork as the servant of a Breton silk merchant Pregent (Pierre Jean) Meno.

Two days after this they sighted land to the right hand, and came to a cape, where they found the keel of a ship - perhaps a relic of some earlier, possibly Scandinavian explorer - and which they called therefore Kialames (Keelness; Cape Breton, or some adjacent point?); the long bleak sandy shores of this coast they called the Wonderstrands (on the east coast of Cape Breton Island?).

A series of quartzites and slates referred to the Cambrian, and holding numerous and important veins of auriferous quartz, characterize its Atlantic or southeastern side, while valuable coal-fields occur in Cape Breton and on parts of its shores on the Gulf of St Lawrence.

Since then I have spent many happy days with him at Washington and at his beautiful home in the heart of Cape Breton Island, near Baddeck, the village made famous by Charles Dudley Warner's book.

The island was discovered by the French navigator, Yves Joseph de Kerguelen-Tremarec, a Breton noble (1745-1797), on the 13th of February 1772, and partly surveyed by him in the following year.