Sentence Examples with the word Brest

Therefore a second and more powerful fleet was fitted out at Brest under the command of the Count d'Orvilliers.

On the 10th of September 1793 he obtained a vote of one hundred million francs for constructing vessels, and from September 1793 to January 1794 reorganized the military harbours of Brest and Cherbourg.

The blockade of Brest was so strictly maintained that Ganteaume was allowed no opportunity to get to sea.

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In 1903 the offices of the governor-general and of the court of appeal of French West Africa were transferred from St Louis to Dakar, which is also the seat of a bishop. In February 1905 a submarine cable was laid between Brest and Dakar, affording direct telegraphic communication between France and her West African colonies by an all French route.

In September 1791 Captain Antoine d'Entrecasteaux sailed from Brest with two vessels to seek for tidings.

Courland during the advance of the German army lost two-thirds of the population, which began to return after the Brest Litovsk Peace in 1918.

At the end of August 1793, the republicans had three armies in the Vendee - the army of Rochelle, the army of Brest and the Mayengais; but their generals were either ciphers, like C. P. H.

Keppel, after a preliminary cruise in June, brought d'Orvilliers to action off Brest on the 27th of July.

He had represented the Convention in the armies of Brest and of the Eastern Pyrenees in 1793, and in 1 795 he was sent to the armies of the Moselle and the Rhine.

These two cables did not have a very long life, that of 1865 breaking down in 1877 and that of 1866 in 1872, but by the later of these dates four other cables had been laid across the Atlantic, including one from Brest to Duxbury, Mass.