Sentence Examples with the word Breached

At the south-east corner the rim of the crater is, as it were, breached by a deep crevasse through which the Abai escapes, and here develops a great semicircular bend like that of the Takazze, but in the reverse direction - east, south and north-west - down to the plains of Sennar, where it takes the name of Bahr-el-Azrak or Blue Nile.

Boats bombarded the forts on both sides of the river and breached the great wall of Omdurman.

He kissed her first, enjoying the feel of her blood coursing beneath his lips, then, as his fangs breached her skin, he braced for the burning that never came.

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At Chi-Kuan, the counterscarp gallery had been breached by an ill-managed Russian mine on the 23rd of October and the Japanese got in through the breach and made a lodgment.

A volcano-promontory at the Pacific end of the Tsugaru Strait: a finely formed cone surrounded on three sides by the sea, the crater breached on the land side.

Geological evidence shows that this gap was once bridged by a continuous isthmus which according to the temple records was breached by a violent storm in 1480.

Corps also had a successful day; the 32nd Div., advancing in conjunction with the 5th Australian Div., cleared Joncourt and Estrees and breached the Masnieres - Beaurevoir line on a mile front E.

He breached her comfort zone in a way that left her shaken, scared.

The Hindenburg line had been breached on a front of nine miles, and an average advance of seven miles effected in the face of the most formidable obstacles, both natural and artificial.

The last German fortified system had been breached on this.