Sentence Examples with the word Brandon

Ever since Michael discovered that Brandon lives here, he's followed me around like a puppy.

If Brandon and Ashley were around, there would be little messes and beads everywhere.

In addition to the four Dawkins, there was Pumpkin Green, the grocery cart vagabond, and old Brandon Westlake, camera buff supreme.

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Cynthia excused herself and retreated to the kitchen, leaving well-meaning Brandon Westlake with a what-did-I-say-wrong look on his sun beaten face.

All three of them inherited the gray eyes of their grandmother, though Brandon and his sister Ashley had dark brown tresses whereas Jessi's hair was dirty blonde.

I've known Brandon since he was knee-high to a grasshopper.

She knew her face was getting red, and Brandon wasn't exactly pale.

He changed the subject by pointing out Brandon Westlake standing near the boys, his arm about Billy, as with animated motions he seemed to be giving last-minute instructions.

There are collegiate institutes for more advanced education at Winnipeg, Brandon and Portage la Prairie, with a total of 1094 pupils enrolled.

It did sound like an interesting job, and she wasn't likely to see Brandon anyway.