Sentence Examples with the word Brand

In 1880, when a rising of the Boers in the Transvaal was threatening, President Brand showed every desire to avert the conflict.

Instead of reducing chaos to order and concentrating his attention, as Brand had done in the Free State, on establishing security and promoting industry, he took up, with all its entanglements, the policy of intrigues with native chiefs beyond the border and the dream of indefinite expansion.

Lord Carnarvon declined to entertain the proposal made by Mr Brand that the territory should be given up by Great Britain.

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Sitting in the oversized chair near the fire with blood cocktail in hand, brand new emotion washed over him.

Katie's eyes widened in surprise as she recognized a brand of moisturizer that cost a few hundred dollars.

With one statement he had managed to stamp his brand on her, knowing she would question any man who gave her a second glance from that point on.

You would tend to buy the store brand and pocket the dollar.

The independent movement which he started was carried on under Brand Whitlock (b.

Electra in her rage seized a burning brand from the altar, intending to blind her sister; but at the critical moment Orestes appeared, recognition took place, and the brother and sister returned to Mycenae.

Though he had thrown the weight of his influence against Lord Carnarvon's federation scheme Brand disapproved racial rivalries.