Sentence Examples with the word Bran

Of Llangollen, founded about 1200 by Madoc ab Gruffydd Maelor, lord of Dinas Bran and grandson of Owen Gwynedd, prince of Wales.

Castell Dinas Bran (the castle of the town of Bran; the mountain stream below is also called Bran), the ruins of a fortress on a high conical hill about 1 m.

So Merlin preserves his diabolic origin; Arthur his mystic coming and his mystic passing; while Gawain, and after him Lancelot, journey across the river, as the Irish hero Bran had done before them to the island of fair women - the Celtic vision of the realm of death.

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The place probably owes its Celtic name of Llan-ym-ddyffri (the church amid the waters) to the proximity of Llandingat church to the streams of the Towy, Bran and Gwydderig.

Nutt, The Voyage of Bran (London, 1895).

Throughout other parts bullocks are fed on pasture land, and also in stables on nourishing and succulent feed such as hay, Indian corn fodder, Indian corn silage, turnips, carrots, mangels, ground oats, barley, peas, Indian corn, rye, bran and linseed oil cake.

At Little Dunkeld, almost opposite to Dunkeld, the Bran joins the Tay, after a run of 11 m.

A double handful of clean chaff, or of bran mixed with the oats in the manger, prevents a greedy horse from swallowing a considerable proportion whole.

Used to fasten his favourite dog Bran to it.

It is by no means, however, the wheat which yields the greatest number of bushels per acre which is the most valuable from a miller's standpoint, for the thinness of the bran and the fineness and strength of the flour are with him important considerations, too often overlooked by the farmer when buying his seed.