Sentence Examples with the word Brains

His last writings were memoirs on the convolutions of the human brain, on the weight of brains, and on the brains of idiots (1860-1862).

The object of a race is to see who can win it--or at least that is what my excellent brains think.

I suppose you've got a good reason why you tried to beat the brains out of a guy holding an ice ax, in the middle of the street with a bunch of people watching.

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But you believe in blowing out the brains of a woman beater.

Any time you can move data storage from brains to hard drives, you get vast improvements in efficiency.

Someone grabbed the dough and Dean didn't believe Baratto or the twins had either the brains or nerve to pull off a heist like that, much less stay mum about it for months.

Not at the head of the line when brains were passed out, but basically a good slob.

I decided to pick Daniel Brennan's brains on the matter Howie's sister Annie's abduction.

She wished she could share Katie's faith in her brother, but the only picture she could summons was a short, pale, overweight man with more brains for business than aptitude in mechanics.

I'd have blown my brains all over the wall months ago if I didn't have him to give me a hard time.