Sentence Examples with the word Bracketing

An elaborate cornice of wooden bracketing crowns the walls, forming one of the principal ornaments of the building.

The interior arrangement of wall columns, horizontal beams and cornice bracketing corresponds with that on the outside.

This is the consummation towards which events had been steadily moving - not at first consciously, for it was some time before the tendencies at work were consciously realized - but ending at last in the complete equation of Old Testament and New, and in the bracketing together of both as the first and second volumes of a single Bible.

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When the temple is of very large dimensions an interior peristyle of pillars is introduced tc assist in supporting the roof, and in such cases each pillar carrim profuse bracketing corresponding to that of the cornice.

It took three tries bracketing the time before they hit on the culprit.

They are serviceable as bracketing together (1) Natural.