Sentence Examples with the word Bracket

It can be restored by moving the bracket till the bubble of the spirit-level is central, and then clamping it.

A partition is separated into separates so as to produce a separation of the partition by writing down a set of partitions, each separate partition in its own brackets, so that when all the parts of these partitions are reassembled in a single bracket the partition which is separated is reproduced.

The order of the numbers in the bracket (p l p 2 ...p n) is immaterial; we may therefore always place them, as is most convenient, in descending order of magnitude; the numbers then constitute an ordered partition of the weight w, and the leading number denotes the degree.

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For local earthquakes it will move relatively to the pivoted balance weight like an ordinary bracket seismograph, and for very rapid motion it gives seismoscopic indications of slight tremors due to the switching of the outer end of the boom, which is necessarily somewhat flexible.

We would if he'd let me bracket enough times instead of quitting just because he gets tired.

Betsy picked up a case of a body dump in Illinois and, as it was a slow day, we tried to bracket the unknown time of the corpse's disposal.

The sign X coming immediately before, or immediately after, a bracket may be omitted; e.g.

Be enclosed in a bracket we obtain a partition of the weight w which appertains to the separated partition.

The sight drops through a socket in a pivoted bracket which is provided From Treatise on Service Ordnance.