Sentence Examples with the word Boyne

Lastly, in the north of Wexford we find the Coriondi who occur in Irish texts near the Boyne (Mid.

The best-known of these is situated on the banks of the Boyne above Drogheda, and consists of a group of the largest cairns in Ireland.

After his defeat at the Boyne (July 1, 1690) he speedily departed from Ireland, where he had so conducted himself that his English followers had been ashamed of his incapacity, while French officers had derided him.

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On the 1st of July 1690 the allies were badly beaten at sea off Beachy Head, but on the same day William himself won a decisive victory over James's army at the Boyne in Ireland.

Interprovincial wars frequently altered its boundaries, notably in 332 when the three Collas, sons of Eochaidh Doimhlein, conquered the land between the river Boyne and Lough Neagh, which became a separate kingdom under the name of Uriel (Oriel or Orgial).

The rivers Brosna, Barrow and Boyne take their rise in these morasses, and the Grand and Royal canals cross them.

It was not till after the battle of the Boyne (1st of July 1690), and during the siege of Limerick, that Sarsfield came prominently forward.

In 1690 it was garrisoned by King James's army; but after the decisive battle of the Boyne it surrendered to the conqueror without a struggle, in consequence of a threat that quarter would not be granted if the town were taken by storm.

The town is the headquarters of the valuable Boyne salmon-fishery.

Until the end of the 3rd century the Milesian power must have been confined to the valley of the Boyne and the district around Tara.