Sentence Examples with the word Boxes

Cans and boxes lined the shelves.

These latter pass to automatic weighing machines, which drop them, in quantities of 1 cwt., into wooden boxes of uniform measurement, made to contain that weight; and the boxes are then conveyed to the storehouse, ready for sale.

Another method of distribution, largely adopted, is to run the lead cables into the interior of blocks of buildings, and to terminate them there in iron boxes from which the circuits are distributed to the surrounding buildings by means of rubber-covered wires run along the walls.

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Among the other manufactures are food preparations, wooden ware, wagons and carriages, stoves and furnaces, boots and shoes, tobacco and cigars, flour, candy, gloves, bricks, tile and pottery, furniture, paper boxes and firearms. Utica is a shipping point for the products of a fertile agricultural region, from which are exported dairy products (especially cheese), nursery products, flowers (especially roses), small fruits and vegetables, honey and hops.

Apples are exported in barrels and also in boxes containing about one bushel each.

It then passes through screens and grizzlies to retain the coarse gravel, the finer material passing on to sluice boxes provided with riffles, supplied with mercury.

Once all the boxes were in the house, he turned to her.

The mass is then packed into boxes all of one size, and a specimen of each again assayed, the mean of the whole being taken as the average.

She retrieved two boxes from the attic and enlisted help from Destiny in setting up and decorating the tree in the dining room.

Damian sat in his office before the computer, glancing between the instant messaging boxes popping up on one computer screen and the geospatial depiction of the past hundred years' worth of battles between his Guardians and the Black God's vamps on another screen.