Sentence Examples with the word Bounding

A vortex filament must close on itself, or end on a bounding surface, as seen when the tip of a spoon is drawn through the surface of water.

As she walked across the field, a deer came bounding out of the forest on the hill.

The Dip of the horizon at sea is the angular depression of the apparent sea horizon, or circle bounding the visible ocean, below the apparent celestial horizon as above defined.

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Picard and other members of the Academy of Science whom Colbert, in 1668, directed to prepare a new map of France, for on David Vivier's map of the environs of Paris (1674, scale r: 86,400) very crude hachures bounding the rivers have been substituted for the scenographic hills of older maps.

The pair was interrupted from further speculation by the sound of Martha's laughter and footsteps bounding down the stairs.

Straths are broad expanses of low ground between bounding hills and are usually traversed by one main stream and its tributaries - e.g.

The temperature is quite mild and equable in the south-east province where the ocean influences it and where the mountains bounding it on the north and north-west are some protection from the colder winds.

If QD is the bounding ordinate of one of the component strips, we can calculate the area of Qdbl in the ordinary way.

South and west the bounding territories are well fixed in geographical position by the Indian survey determinations of the value of Himalayan peaks.

The explanation of the apparent bounding of Christianity by Europe and its offspring is not, however, to be found in any psychological peculiarity separating the European races from those of other continents, nor in any special characteristic of Christianity which fits it for European soil.