Sentence Examples with the word Bounced

She stared, fascinated as they bounced off the open windowsill and one fell into the sink.

His face lit up in a smile at seeing his friend and the two bounced over to the sofa together.

She walked him to the garage and waited while he backed out of the garage - then watched as his truck bounced down the drive.

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Jonny's words bounced around in her thoughts as she recalled the look Darian had given the portal they stumbled upon.

She slid, bounced and screamed her way to the edge of the cliff, finally stopping her descent by grabbing the base of a bush.

A few close calls made it more of a challenge, as Claire bounced back to avoid Jenn's strategic strikes.

Martha bounced around, thrilled to be back in the routine, and joined Fred in passing out more campaign literature.

His necklace bounced against her chest as she struck and blocked with fluid, catlike movements.

As he turned, the lights of a silent ambulance bounced across the long stretch of pasture between the highway and the mangled car.

It took three attempts, but she finally bounced high enough to shut off the alarm.